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In the Quasar Trends Inc. we attention to detail, precision, quality, and safety awareness.

Who We are ?

Quasar Trend Inc.

Quasar Trend Inc. is a Toronto-based residential construction company with successful years of experience and customer satisfaction in the industry. Founded and managed by Amir Firooz, the success of Quasar Trend Inc. is built upon our commitment to professionalism, integrity, excellent craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Quasar Trend

Quasar Trend Services

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Consultation & Permit

There are numerous federal, provincial & municipal laws and regulations relating to construction and renovation work that must be adhered to whether it is a new build, a renovation, or even altering mechanical systems.

Custom Design & Build

Luxury is one thing, customization is another! These two should not be confused, although they can coexist. We can all get the same luxury items, but it’s the customization that makes your property unique and special for you.

Project Management

Project Management

Project Management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals at the specified time. The primary challenge is to achieve goals within the given constraints.


Quasar Trend can help you determine your renovation/construction project total cost so you can arrange the financing that’s appropriate to your financial needs. Project Manager controls all aspects of a project.

General Contracting

General Contracting

General contracting is the process of hiring and managing sub-contractors and using in house staff while being the single contact point with the project owner in smaller projects or owner’s construction manager at bigger scale projects.

Renovation Services

Renovation Services

Hundreds of billions of dollars change hands in the North American renovation industry each year, and this sector remains one of the most important drivers of every industrialized economy in the world.

Quasar Trend

What we Do in our Projects?

Quasar Trend Standards

Attention to detail, precision, quality, and safety awareness. Founder of Quasar Trend honed these key skills in the aviation industry where sloppy work costs lives and applied them to the construction industry where quality always matters but can be difficult to find.

What our customers says about us?


See the comments of our previous customers about Quasar Trend Inc. services:

When it comes to us, real estate agents, quality and finishes make the job a whole lot easier. Quasar products are buyer friendly!
Andre Kutyan

Real Estate Agent (Harvey Kalles)

When I went to see a house built by Quasar Trend Inc., for the purpose of showing to one of my clients, I was at awe of the level of sophistication, detailing, quality of materials, level of thought put into the house and its overall beauty. The house had every single element of a dream house. Mr. Firooz, the owner of Q.I is a perfectionist at its best. I have seen his other works since then and every time I am amazed at what he does. I congratulate Quasar Trend Inc. for the excellent job done and highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to own a perfect house.
Shana Mirshahi

Real Estate Agent (Century 21)

I have had the pleasure of working with Amir for the past few years and over time, I have learned that Amir puts a lot of pride and effort in his profession “Building homes, not houses”, there is a big difference between a home and a house.

Amir thrives on bringing new ideas on to his work and also respects and welcomes ideas from his trades for new, innovative and more efficient products to build better homes.

I, as a contractor, look for builders who respect their trades and looking for long lasting and healthy relationships with respect to quality work and yet, making sure the trades provide the quality work they are hired to deliver. It seems I have been fortunate to be one of those contractors with Amir. Looking forward to start on the next project.

V & P Enterprises.

Jay Hovanessian (president)

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Home Remodeling


City: North York

Custom build


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