Quasar Trend can help you determine your renovation/construction project total cost so you can arrange the financing that’s appropriate to your financial needs. Read more →


You will be given an itemized cost sheet indicating each service and material cost. You will also be provided a draw timetable so that you and your chosen brokerage company will;

  • understand the draw intervals
  • understand the conditions to release the loan
  • prepare funds for upcoming payments.

Years Established

Completed Projects


Why do we align the construction operations with the loan arrangements?

Moneylenders will send site inspectors to ensure project progress has reached its payment stages. This protects you and the broker by validating that the money they have lent you is being invested into the project and the associated value is being added into your home.

Managing the project schedule and construction activities enables us to align the construction operations with the loan arrangements to minimize your interest payments and maximize your savings, potentially saving thousands of dollars over the life of the project.

Should you need renovation or construction loans, or mortgages to purchase your desired lot for your custom home project, our friends at “Approved Mortgage Brokers” will be happy to assist you with preferred rates for contracting through Quasar Trend.

For a brokerage, it matters if your contractor/project manager is a trusted name. Failure to complete a project on time, or to finish it with lower than agreed upon quality could increase the loan risk for the broker, and jeopardize their investment.

Approved Mortgage Brokers understand this, and they are comfortable providing you with preferred rates knowing the Quasar Trend & Firooz names are behind your project. They can provide loans to finance your project with total peace of mind because they have confidence inspired by their experience that the project will be finished on-time and with the level of quality they expect.

*Disclaimer: Quasar Trend Inc. and Amir Firooz are not licensed to issue mortgages or construction loans. We can, however, direct you to our trusted resources for preferred rates.